Walking into a class or workshop with total strangers takes a little bit of courage, but yields such unexpected and surprising results. These are the experiences that bring unanticipated joy and satisfaction to our hearts and souls. Read More

When your Osborne staple lifter gets all bent and dull, it’s easy to sharpen it up as good as new. Read More

Come join us in our spacious studio on May 7th for our Upholstered Spool Ottoman Workshop. We’ll take you step by step through the process from frame to walking out the door with a fully upholstered piece of furniture that will add punch to a nursery, bedroom, closet or even as extra seating in the living room. Read More

***I wrote this post JUST before I was getting really sick and was ready to head off to LA. All it took was a long cross country flight to bring my late winter/early spring flu into a full blown fun … Read More

Another year has rolled around and it’s time for another Early Spring Upholstery Class. This time, we’re accepting 2 alums with slightly bigger chairs. It’s a mini version of our Big Ass Upholstery Class. Read More

Just the thing to unwind. Read More

Now you can purchase our online classes and get everything in one fell swoop. No waiting around for lessons, it’s yours all at once. Read More

Every space needs a little sprucing up around seven years and that includes studio, office, or shop spaces. It was time for ModHomeEc to get a mini makeover and slowly, but surely, she’s looking streamlined and efficient. Read More

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When you Google Danish Modern Chair Cushions, or How to Make Danish Modern Chair Cushions, you get almost nothing.  I’m talking about these dreamy Danish Modern, low slung beauties that add just the right amount of interest to your room. … Read More

We’ve had oodles of requests for the Boxed and Corded Cushion Workshop, so we finally gave in. It’s a tough course to teach, but a skill you simply must have to round out your upholstery artisan toolbox.  As long as … Read More