Beginning Upholstery

Beginning Upholstery is nothing to fear. Tools and techniques remain the same, the only variable is the piece of furniture to be redone. The ‘upholsterer beware’ warning is in affect at all times since you never know what’s under the covers. Possible setbacks include springs gone haywire, disentigrating foam, loose webbing and structural weaknesses.

Let’s start with the basic tools:

staple puller-can substitute a flathead screwdriver
crescent pliers-available at all hardware stores
tack hammer-small hammer will suffice
staple gun-upholstery gun is best, but you can get buy with an electric staple gun

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  1. Kym Soderholm says:

    Looking for a class, while my son is in school if possible! I’ve been putting off my want to do this for too long. Having some issues with legs from MS is making me go into full gear to pursue my wish to do this! Thank you for any help!