Pillow Talk: Pleated Grosgrain Trim

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To kick off our full week of Pillow Talk, today we’re sewing purchased  trim into the seam allowance of a pillow we’re making for Kate’s room.  It can be easy if the trim is flat  and obedient.  However, trying to sew  fat braided cord into a pillow seam can bring on a huge headache. Today we’re using  pink pleated grosgrain ribbon trim purchased from Calico Corners and stitching it into the seam of a cute polka dot pillow. 

What you need:

pillow form




curved needle and heavy duty thread

sewing machine, thread and pins

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Here’s how to make easy trimmed pillows:

1. On the right side of one cut pillow piece, line up the seamed side of the trim with the cut edge of the pillow and pin in place all the way around.

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2.  Stitch the trim onto the pillow piece keeping stitches right on top of the stitched line on the trim.

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FliptPillowTalk 013a3. Place the other pillow piece on top,  right side to right side, pin and stitch in place leaving an 8″ opening in the center of the bottom edge of the pillow.

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4. Turn pillow cover right side out.FliptPillowTalk 026a

5.  Fold pillow form in half and insert it into the cover.

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6.  After adjusting the pillow form inside the cover, fold over and pin the open edge of the pillow cover.

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7.  With threaded, curved needle, stitch the opening closed by running the needle inside of the folded edge for about 1/2″, bringing it out and grabbing  1/2″ of the trim and fabric from the other side. Pull firm and repeat until the opening is stitched together. Tie off the thread and poke the knot down into the seam.

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