DIY: Anthropologie Inspired Upholstery

Please open another window and go to this page and take a look at how Anthropologie does upholstery. Now take a look at those prices. Really? Would someone pay close to $6000.00 for this sofa with the checked cushions?
Please listen to what I’m telling you. You can create this look by finding second hand pieces and giving them the Anthropologie sweep for about 7% of the cost. An added bonus-you’ll get valuable upholstery practice at the same time.
A little of these patterns goes a long way, so keep it interesting but not hectic.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

The upholstered bench with two boxed and corded cushions (retailing for $1698.00) can easily be DIY’d by finding an old coffee table, upholstering the top with a little dacron and fabric and then making two boxed and corded cushions from a mix of fabrics. Easy Peezy Louise-y.
Here are two tutes to get you started:
Upholstered coffee table and make a boxed and corded cushion.

Next up. How about this sofa that retails for $5998.00? You know you’ve seen similar second hand sofas for around $150.00. You can go online and find a variety of checks, plaids or whatever you love and mix it up. Again, if you know some upholstery basics and how to make a boxed and corded cushion, you can do this.

Another easy sofa look, retailing for $2998.00. It will be harder to find this cool style, but the upholstering is still very simple.

The main ooomph of this piece is the pair of bolsters. Here’s a quick tutorial to help you with that.

Oh, don’t forget the upholstered folding chairs. Here’s a tutorial I did for Apartment Therapy-Chicago that saves you about $130.00 on these $198.00 folding chairs.
Anthropologie Chair:

My knock-offs:

Tutorial here.

The hardest part of this look? Finding fabrics that will give you that look.

Photo Images:

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4 Responses to DIY: Anthropologie Inspired Upholstery

  1. joy kaiser says:

    I have been looking for almost 2 yrs for a place to learn to recover or make slip covers for my wing backed chairs.
    I have 3 and they feel good to my back and legs. And i can not afford to have them professionally done at this point.
    So are you going to give classes on how to do?

  2. shellyleer says:

    Hi Joy. I don’t have plans right now to do a wingback slipcover, but I can sure put it on my list. DesignSponge has a book coming out any day now and I did a very simple slipcover project that, as far as I know, will be in the book. I’ll consider doing one.

  3. Melissa says:

    Hi! I have recently picked up a chair at a consignment shop similar to this one from anthropologie except it is studded around the cording. My question is if I was to re-upholster it what do I do with the studs? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  4. shellyleer says:

    You can either get rid of the studs and finish it with a trim called ‘gimp’, or make double welt cording that will be hot glued on. Double welt cording is a little bit tricky to make unless someone shows you how. You could put new decorative nailheads (studs) back on there. The whole reason for some sort of trim is to cover the staples and cut edges of the fabric.