DIY: Build an Ottoman Weekend Workshop

Alli arrived at 1:00 pm on Saturday with 1 1/2 yards of fabric.
At 4:00 pm she walked out the door with her very own custom 24″ x 18″ upholstered ottoman.

Other than staining the legs and screwing in the leg plates, she webbed, burlapped, foamed, dacroned (?) and upholstered her ottoman in a record breaking 2 hours and 50 minutes. All I had to do was to demonstrate once, get water, take photos and find more staples for her.
Did I say she’s a natural?

Mr. Mod needed a break from his boring work, so he gladly cut the corner braces for the ottoman frame I built earlier in the morning.

Web away Girl!

Staple on the burlap deck.

She used my pro foam cutter, but you can use an electric knife to cut your foam.

A fluffy dacron wrap gives the ottoman a smooth surface for the fabric.

Keeping the pattern straight is harder than it looks. There was a little staple removal and readjustment before the final stapling.

She drilled holes in each corner brace for the leg posts but took the legs home to stain. And finally, she attached black cambric for an uber polished finish and out the door she went.

She just sent me over the finished photos.

Hubby better get this girl an air compressor and pneumatic stapler, STAT!
Give the gift of an ottoman for all of your non DIY friends.

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4 Responses to DIY: Build an Ottoman Weekend Workshop

  1. Deb - her momo says:

    That’s my daughter. Alli is a natural courtesy of her artful grandma, Delores Rita:) Not only is this ottoman sheek – but doesn’t she look lovely while toiling away. Great stuff:) LOL And who can’t love that little puppy proudly showing off the finished piece:) FUN times.

  2. shellyleer says:

    Lucky you. She sure is a natural.

  3. dana says:

    i’d love to know where she got the fabric

  4. shellyleer says:

    I think it was Hancock. She picked it up on her way over to the class.