Silhouette from Recycled Materials, etc.

Silhouettes aren’t going anywhere and besides, parents and grandparents just can’t seem to get enough of it. So, I trekked into the archives and scrounged up this quick tutorial to show you one of the all time easiest ways to make your own heavy duty hangable silhouette.

Lucy, my best friend Anne’s daughter, posed for a quick photo one day and I proceeded to make silhouettes of her in all different types of materials. I even painted a giant black on white silhouette on canvas for them to hang in their living room.
For this unusual piece, I used one of my favorite discarded materials – one end of a discarded electrical spool, a yellow and white flowered blouse from Goodwill and a large piece of black felt.

Here’s my tutorial posted over on Curbly and I just came across it posted on Arts and Crafts Life.

Then I painted some…

Then I couldn’t stop, I had to go one step further and add a touch of color with some black and red houndstooth ribbon.

I also did these three canvasses for a client who was in the middle of an extreme renovation trying to change her uber modern architecture house into a traditional one. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it would never work. She did get herself three traditional silhouettes. Oh, and that baby boy! I think I actually teared up, he was so adorable.

Silhouette pet pillow love:

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