Goodwill Hunting is Good for the Soul

Back in July of 2008, I unloaded all of my Goodwill treasures from the garage, spread them out on the driveway, saw a distinct pattern and then photographed and wrote about it here. By this time, I had already honed my skills. I’d been buying and restoring furniture from Goodwill for at least ten years. However, that wasn’t always the case. In the past, I had spent too much time and money on things I could transform, but probably never would. By July of ’08, I was shrewd.

I remember deliberating over this $24.00 authentic mid-century coffee table. One little voice in my head reminded me not to spend more money, while the louder voice shouted that this table was something I should NOT pass up.
Pfffffft! Why did I even waste a minute on that decision?

For at least a decade, I was a closet Goodwill shopper. I remember hearing a good friend say “eewwww” and “ick” when she heard the word Goodwill. I would look down, not to make eye contact. I ran into her before Christmas and you should have heard her go on about how much she wished she was creative enough to revamp furniture. Secretly, I was thinking “Who’s laughing now, eh?”

Two Saturdays ago I visited one of my favorite GW’s and a local radio station was set up inside. What gives? The economy, good connotation to the words reuse, recycle, restyle, and REUPHOLSTER? It was packed! The furniture selection was slim to none, but I persevered and headed to another Goodwill Store along my homeward trail.

Here’s the deal. For me, it’s two things. One, I have an insatiable curiosity to see if there’s a treasure I’m the first to discover; and two, I can’t live without the endorphins that are released after the mental workout I go through thinking of the many ways I can repurpose, restyle, redesign, or reupholster some castoff that someone else has left for dead.
It’s my hobby, my business, and sometimes my addiction raising it’s ugly head. Overall, Goodwill Hunting is fun, challenging, harmless, helpful and provides me with hours of creative contemplation.
I would say it’s very good for my soul.

Ahhh, the old desk chair re-do:

Always sorry I ended up giving this away for some reason.

And finally, one of my all time favorites. Simply unpleating a wool skirt to use as upholstery fabric.

It’s cold, it’s January, now get out there and find something to make over!

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3 Responses to Goodwill Hunting is Good for the Soul

  1. Well, your GWs have a LOT better stuff than ours! I’ve never found a thing to bring home with me. I’ll keep looking though. I do have a couple of office chairs that need to be redone. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Chris says:

    I’m also a good will junkie. “an insatiable curiosity to see if there’s a treasure I’m the first to discover.” It’s the same for me.

    Sometimes you find some amazing stuff, sometimes not. But it’s still fun to go.