Design Your Own Mixxy Matchy Chairs

If I came across a similar set of molded plywood chairs that were truly vintage, you can bet I wouldn’t risk messing them up by experimenting with paint, fabric, decoupage or the like. However, sometimes you come across a really cheap set of knock-offs that are crying out for your artistic alteration.

This mixed and match set strikes my fancy. I love the mix of color and patterns and how they blend so well. If you find a set of cheap chairs that have good lines, grab them! With some painters tape, paint, fabric and decoupage, it’s easy and fairly simple to create your own uniquely designed set.

I’m searching for the source of this photo. Let it be known that it’s not mine and I have no rights to it. I will give due credit when found.

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2 Responses to Design Your Own Mixxy Matchy Chairs

  1. cat says:

    you know target carried similar chairs for cheap. Not decorated like that, but you sure could use those! I love this kind of stuff

  2. CJD says:

    West Elm