Turn a Closet into Your Sewing Cubby

Being in the middle of organizing my own space, (upholstery and sewing) I was tickled to come across this efficient little sewing space carved out of a closet. It’s not that easy to find a small table for a sewing machine that is the right height.

Over on Instructables, Alpine Butterfly cleverly utilized every square inch of space to convert her closet into a workable sewing station. It reminds me of the perfectly efficient airplane kitchens.

There’s also a handy tutorial for hanging the pegboard. I love pegboards!

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2 Responses to Turn a Closet into Your Sewing Cubby

  1. cat says:

    oooo, me too, peg boards!

  2. OMG! My first “sewing room” was just like this!!! Fond memories!