Thursday Night Upholstery Class

I’m amazed that Wendy and Liz from Thursday Night Upholstery both completed their chairs on time. It’s not that six weeks isn’t enough, it’s just that by the time the third session rolls around, students are starting to feel all chit-chatty and the valuable upholstery time melts away. I’d never put a stop to the social aspect of these classes. So even though I may have to do an extra class or two with everyone, I enjoy it as well.

Wendy’s rocker was like nothing I had ever seen. Each upholstered piece came apart by pulling out dowels. I think she only had two screws in the entire piece. An antique component chair–very progressive.

The only snag Wendy experienced was cutting her fabric too small right off the bat. The next week she returned with an entirely different fabric. Using a fabric you’re crazy about makes the job much more fun.

Liz first brought in the sister to this chair, but finished the second one first. ???? She also changed fabrics after the first class and ended up with this sassy cheetah fabric with neon orange trim.
With an hour left in one of the class sessions, she just cranked out the second chair like nobody’s business. If she didn’t already have a thriving career, she would have made a great assistant. (Ha! If I ever get an assistant.)

Look at the cute curve on the top rail. That’s the kind of detail you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the BEFORE photos. I’ll see what I can do about that and post them later this week.

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5 Responses to Thursday Night Upholstery Class

  1. YAY! THOSE LOOK AWESOME! I love the orange piping… but where is that yellow fabric from? I want it!!

  2. Cat says:

    Fabulous and if you ever need an assistant it better be moi…hahaha
    I love that THIN orange trim…very sophisticated!

  3. Cat says:

    That fabric is Tomas Paul and probebly still available at Calico Corner…

  4. liz says:

    Hey lady! Thanks for the pics! I don’t have the before pics of that chair since my mom so graciously tore it down the day it came in to my house but I do have the before pics of the sister chair here: This chair was in the same fabric and pretty much the same condition.
    Can’t wait to finish the “original” chair! Thanks again for the pics and sweet words! See you on Thursday!

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