Sleek Mid Century Dresser Makeover


Since I’m just about finished with the guest bedroom in my whole house makeover series in The Indianapolis Star, I thought I should hurry and show you some elements that haven’t been posted yet. This newly freshened up room is now one of my favorite rooms in our house. It’s bright, cheery, uncluttered and modern. Frankly, it’s proof that I really can get order in this house.


The room needed this low dresser. It was part of the ‘concept’. Yes, it was a piece that I had imagined, but I didn’t really think I could find. That week, students in my classes were buzzing about a new furniture resale store not far from my shop. I decided to check it out. I walked in the door and there it was, the dream dresser was right there, just like the one I conjured up in my head. But when I got a load of the $225.00 price tag, I immediately realized this place was way out of my furniture thrifting price range. My heart sunk. The owner must have sensed my recoiling, she was quick to tell me she would cut me a good deal. Even with a $50.00 price cut, it wouldn’t be enough and I was going to paint part of the dresser anyway.

Right away I told her I was going to do a makeover. She went completely soft and practically begged me to take the dresser. She quickly confessed that dresser top and sides had been covered with contact paper that they had all enjoyed picking off the sides and top. They even fessed up to enjoying days and days of paper peeling, but the wood couldn’t be fixed without completely stripping and refinishing it.

Good for me! No, Great for me! I planned to paint the top and sides anyway.


This turned out to be one of the all time easiest furniture upgrades that looks as smart as can be, if I do say so myself. What do you think?
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6 Responses to Sleek Mid Century Dresser Makeover

  1. Laurie says:

    I’m with you I love the 2 tone dresser look and even have done one…okay two of them myself!! This dresser looks fab!

  2. Tina Jett says:

    Yes! I have a mid-mod dresser and highboy in my garage right now waiting for this exact treatment. Snagged both from a college kid for $80 total. I’m looking to stain the wood part darker… maybe even trying a treatment I saw where every drawer was a different light and dark shade of stain.

  3. shellyleer says:

    So easy. Plus I really like the two toned look!

  4. Jacey says:

    Do you know what brand/maker this dresser is? Love the refresh!

  5. shellyleer says:

    I’m not sure if it has a mark inside of it or not. I’ll check and get back to you.

  6. shellyleer says:

    Tina–Did you do the dresser makeover? email pics if you did.