See How Pendleton Wool is Made

I’m feeling all booky and am itching to soak up some real scientific information about textiles. Every day I explain selvages to my students. (look it up) Obviously, it’s not exactly the season to be considering wool blankets, but I find myself more and more curious about all textiles and the manufacturing process. ACHHHH!!!! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME? I ordered four books on textiles and can’t wait to soak up the info. Honestly, I think I could take a week’s vacation touring mills, if there are any left here in the US. Until that dream becomes a reality, I’ll have to be content with nerdy book research and watching big loud machines weave fabric yardage in mills on YouTube videos. (Perfect lead in, right?) I came across this excellent YouTube video showing exactly how wool goes from a sheep’s back to a big, warm blanket. Who knows wool like the folks at Pendleton? The video lasts about 10 minutes, so get yourself a cup of coffee, your spiral notebook and pen.

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