Plain and Simple Chair Reupholstery Tutorial

I was going to write a heavy, mind blowing, personal blog post this morning revealing a personal revelation I had yesterday afternoon, but when I got back from the gym, I saw this tutorial pop up. Personal post put on hold, chair reupholstery post takes top billing.

This beautiful chair upholstery job was done by a designer, not an upholsterer, and it’s fabulous! These are the very chairs I tell first time upholstery students to bring to my Beginner’s classes and my 3 Day Bootcamps. They’re not too simple, but not too difficult either. To every DIY Upholsterer out there in the field, here’s to you! I love you and your ambition.

Kristin, author of The Hunted Interior, takes the DIY-er step by step through her Craigslist rehab project. As she states, pulling, smoothing and making sure the fabric stays aligned is one of the most important techniques to learn if you plan on doing any upholstering on your own.
I love the fact that she deconstructed a throw pillow to use that fabric for the outside back of her chair. And two thumbs up for her mentioning how acceptable it is to save old stuffing as long as it’s not dirty, smelly or crumbling.

Once you’ve mastered this chair style, find one with little padded arms and then work up from there. The one thing I admire the most in my students is when they take their time, take notes, ask questions and then put the information to use. On the other hand, some of them feel it so intuitively, they’re perfectly comfortable just jumping in. Ahhhh…it takes all types to make this world interesting.
Congratulations to Kristin, no amateur when it comes to design. WAY TO GO! By the way, great photography styling job.

Here’s another style of chair that requires stapling the outside back fabric onto the frame from the inside out.

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4 Responses to Plain and Simple Chair Reupholstery Tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for the write up!

  2. shellyleer says:

    You are most welcome. I tried to contact you before publishing but couldn’t find an email address.

  3. Sarah Clem says:

    Thanks so much to both of you for these sites and break down. I’m getting ready to start a similar project with one of my grandmothers old chairs.

    Shelly, I’m an indianapolis native and wish so much that I still lived there. Id be in one of you seminars in a heartbeat! Great resource for the community there!

  4. shellyleer says:

    Thanks Sarah! Wish you were still here.