Make Over a $ 25.00 ReStore Ceiling Fan

One last frontier manufacturers haven’t thought of is adding some jazzed up colors to a big box store line of ceiling fans. Maybe the high end lighting stores or catalogues have them, but I’m telling you, Lowe’s does not. My options were brown paddles with either brass, chrome or antique brass, one black one, and one semi-white washed one. Even though I could have easily bought a cheap, new one, and customized it for my porch, I decided to do a good deed and patronize the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It was a cold and rainy day, but I found a $25.00 brass, five paddle fan just sitting there on the shelf waiting to be adopted.

Even though I stuck with neutral gray, you could go all out and spray paint your fan bright yellow, hot pink, turquoise (oooh, that would have been good). I’m all for customization, but my policy is keeping the big items and fixtures neutral, while dancing around with fabrics and textures in pillows, throws and art.

Click here for my tutorial on how to successfully transform a basic old ceiling fan into a nice little added detail in your room.
(Now, just be on the lookout, somebody on HGTV will probably use this idea. hehe!)

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2 Responses to Make Over a $ 25.00 ReStore Ceiling Fan

  1. Great idea! Always good to turn trash into treasure!

  2. Kevin Nguyen says:

    This is really great tutorial with a lot of useful information.