A Re-Roundup of DIY-able Headboards from Curbly

My friend from The Star tweeted this post on Saturday. Looking only at my phone, I thought Curbly possibly reposted this comprehensive DIY Headboard post I did way back. As I looked into it this morning, I was completely mistaken. The DIY headboard post is from February of 2011, but still very useful.

It intrigues me how quickly things come and go and then come back in the design blogosphere. Six months could pass and then something is like new again. Didn’t Disney discover that valuable business model?

I’m gathering materials to make a new, big, vibrant queen sized headboard, so I needed to get all jazzed up about it. I don’t think there’s a headboard out there that can’t be DIY’d. Posts abound from tufted velvet headboards to faux, painted on the wall headboards. I remember the good old days when nobody knew how to make their own headboard, ahhh, blissful naivete.

Take a look at what Curbly offers and then keep your eyes open for my latest headboard design. You haven’t seen one like it and I bet you’ll love it.

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