Textile Tuesday: Nobody Does a Plain Weave Like Marimekko


Heavens to Mergatroid!  My last post was an entire week ago!!! I’d say it’s going to have to get better than that! Nevertheless, I’ve got a great little video to show you today. As the title indicates, nobody does it like Marimekko. I’ve been a fan for many, many, many years. My sister married a Norwegian guy from Minnesota and for obvious reasons she jumped on the whole Danish Modern-ish style train. Thankfully! I was very young and she would send us fabulous pillows and wall hangings she made using the the classic, happy, bright, graphic prints. Having never seen prints like this before, I went completely crazy for the distinctively Scandinavian look. This almost makes me want to work in a fabric printing factory. Or, work in this unbelievably happy space at the Markimekko flagship store in NYC!!

Photo Image: LinMorris

Last week, I just touched on basic construction of a plain weave. The almost irresistible desirability of the plain weave is that so infinite designs and colors are easy to create, at least in the world of fabric printing. And, best of all, it’s budget friendly (except for Marimekko). Let me add this again, right here:  plain weaves aren’t the best choice for upholstering curvaceous furniture, it can be done, but not easy breezy-like.

You can create your own printed, flat weave fabrics with any plain fabric yardage like cottons or linens.  Using fabric paint, or craft paint cut with fabric medium allows you to stencil, do potato prints, linoleum prints, block prints or simple silk screening at home. If you’ve got some graphic, artsy abilities, check out the Spoonflower site and some of their YouTube videos to see how you can create a digital design that they will print by the yard of a variety of fabrics.  I just discovered some pretty snazzy designs by Holli Zollinger.  Other than plain weave, they also offer your designs on a twill weave, which we’ll discuss later.

And, one more upholstery application where you can use flat weaves to your heart’s content–chair cushions, window seat cushions, etc. See here…FABULOUS!

PhotoImage: Anthropologie


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4 Responses to Textile Tuesday: Nobody Does a Plain Weave Like Marimekko

  1. Janet says:

    I just realized that the cotton duck fabric we Pollock-painted would be considered a “plain weave” and therefore not suitable for a round back, such as we discovered on my chair. Love the Marimekko fabrics, too.

  2. shellyleer says:

    You, among others, were the inspiration for my post! Love you anyway, you plain weave imp!

  3. I have used several plain weaves with printed designs. They are SO appealing in the store. But when you put a staple or needle through them, the threads of the fabric can twist, turning the white unprinted side to the top. So frustrating!

    Pay attention to Shelly! Be careful when choosing a plain weave!

  4. shellyleer says:

    Lesley is a star pupil who listens and learns. Listen to her PEOPLE!!!