Win a Set of Mod Legs

We’re in Pre-launch mode for Mod Legs, customizable replacement legs for your furniture.  I don’t want to bore you with all the details of the launch, but today I need help naming these legs.

From left to right, these legs need names. If you’d like to be immortalized in the sure-to-be hippest, most helpful, customizable (you customize your own legs)  furniture leg business on the planet, then pitch in a name or two. I warn you, I’m picky, but I’m partial to understated and simple genius and I know most of my readers are brimming over with that.

I’ve numbered them in no particular order. Think of a name, send me a comment and I’ll put it in the hopper. Keep Mod in mind, 1950’s, 1960’s. The reward could be that the person who comes up with the greatest about of names that we choose, wins a set of legs, of their choice. Yea, that’ s it!! Come ON!!!











OK. Go get a cup of tea, get quiet and let the mid mod vibe flow.  Hit Comment and let er rip.

And, just so you don’t feel like I’m leaving you flopping, I’ll be posting many, many tutorials and ideas for you to customize legs for your chairs, sofas, ottomans, DIY ottomans and more.









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13 Responses to Win a Set of Mod Legs

  1. Cindy says:

    1. Pagoda
    2. Martini
    3. Noguchi
    4. Michelin Tall
    5. Michelin Short
    6. Michelin Chubby
    7. Blitzen
    8. Sputnik
    9. Spin
    10. Stiletto

    cheers! I hope you pick one of these.

  2. Affair Shake says:

    1. The Brutalist
    2. The Luxor
    3. The Nelson
    4. Ray Gun
    5. Pink Bubbles
    6. Tiny Bubbles
    7. The Marilyn
    8. Atomic
    9. Duck Pin
    10. Pendant

  3. What? Shelly! These are stunning! My pulse actually quickened just looking at them. (It should be noted that I have issues when it comes to textiles and furnishings.) Here’s what came to mind right now:

    #1 Jetson
    #2 Groovy
    #6 Beehive
    #7 Raquel
    #8 Torch
    #9 Ringo
    #10 Kitten


  4. casey says:

    Oh my goodness these are beautiful! I have no brain power to name them but I love them! You are a heck of a talented lady.

  5. Di says:

    #8 Shelley’s Slant
    #10 Modestly Mod
    #1 Mod Mountain
    #6 Mod Ball
    #3 Mod Pin

    Good luck Shelley!

  6. I don’t see the straight red one posted, but how about “Twiggy?” 🙂

  7. angie says:

    Shelly, great job! So glad to see them come to market. Here are some of my ideas:

    #10 stilleto
    #6 great balls
    #1 laid and stack

  8. shellyleer says:

    Thanks Angie, It’s a long road, as you well know. Hope we can catch up soon.

  9. shellyleer says:

    Oooh, these are good. I’ll decide later today!!

  10. shellyleer says:

    Good, good, good!!

  11. Sara D says:

    I love them all! I immediately thought of The Jetsons, one of my fav childhood cartoons (which originally aired in the 60s), when i saw these…attempted to name them all accordingly.
    1. RUDI, boxy, modern, and helpful like George’s work computer + best friend
    2. Rosie, the mod robot housemaid
    3. Cosmo Spacely, round and in charge like George’s boss
    4. Astro…the dog was “tall” and lanky…that’s what those legs make me think of.
    5. Orbitty – the pet with spring-like legs…kind of fits?
    6. Elroy Jetson, fun and playful like a 6 year old boy
    7: Jane Jetson (curvy and feminine, yet mod and mature, like Jane!);
    9: Judy Jetson (feminine but more simple and less curvy, like a teenagae daugher (? haha)
    10: George Jetson (stately and modern! like George!)

  12. I think you should go thematic (I’m a Librarian….its a problem I have). When I saw them I immediately thought of different cities

    1. LA
    2. Chicago
    3. New York
    4. Columbus
    5. Cincinnati
    6. Cleveland
    7. San Francisco
    8. Boston
    9. Seattle
    10. St. Louis