Free Designer Dog House Downloads

Photo Image: Dezeen

You know how I love a good tutorial, right? Well, looky what I found over at Dezeen. For all of you creative canine lovers, beginning next week, you’ll be able to download templates for these over-the-top dog “houses”.  The creative director for MUJI, Kenya Hara, is the mastermind behind this open source network. The directive to each of the thirteen designers was to create a structure that would change the way people interact with their dogs. Take a look.

One reason I love to get my hands on the tutorial is to change things up, per my preferences. It’s an inherited thing, whatever is presented to me, I want to give it my own little twist. However, if I had a poodle, I wouldn’t change a thing here. The designer, Konstantin Grcic, created the mirrored poodle perch since the poodle is the only dog that can recognize its own reflection. And the kilim rug contrasts so well with the white.

PhotoImage: Dezeen

And, why not a suspended cone house?

Photo Image: Dezeen

The Architecture for Dogs website is set to launch on 15 November, when people will be encouraged to upload photographs of the structures they’ve built and share any improvements they’ve made.

Click here to see more of the designs you can make, or adapt.

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