MCM Furniture Embedded Holiday Wreath

The inspiration for creating truly custom holiday wreaths goes to my uber crafty sister-in-law, Anne, and one of my top notch upholstery students, Lesley (who runs the blog  When Anne texted me photos of two wreaths she designed and created, I quickly went to Pinterest and Google Images to see if there was anything similar. When my search came up empty, I askedAnne if I could outright copy her ideas. Not only did she grant me permission, she came over and helped me make them!!! Next, we have Lesley, crafty and competent in her own right, who has been applying her newly acquired upholstery skills to creating shrunken miniatures for her twin nieces’ dollhouse.  I have to admit, when she texted me photos of her little wing chair, ottoman and headboard, I had a hankerin’ to create itty bitty furnishings myself.

Today I’m showing you how to create a one-of-a-kind  Eames Era, MCM, Modern Furniture, or whatever-you-want-to-call- it, holiday wreath.  I would be hard pressed to give this away, but if you have a sudden wave of holiday generosity,  you can be assured your modern furniture loving chums haven’t seen anything like it. I’m thinking host/hostess gift.  Let me be the first to say that I would hope you take the idea and run with it, giving it your very own signature look. Here’s how I made mine. Gather a couple of tools and materials.


hot glue gun



scrap of muslin for chair patterns

variety of felt scraps

plaid fabric


hot glue and 2 part epoxy

kabob skewers

wood circle

spray paint

miniature furniture

over the door wreath hanger

In our last upholstery class before Thanksgiving, Lesley showed me two MCM furniture ornaments being sold by CB2. At that time I had not yet thought of the MCM furniture wreath, but after a few days the idea began to take shape. I got online and ordered nine, four round and five loungers.

I tried to work with the red wire loungers, but the red didn’t jibe with my palette.  I quickly primed and spray painted the red ones with a white lacquer.

Next, I made tiny little patterns out of muslin to make the colorful little felt chair pads.

I haven’t mastered free handing a perfect circle.

Felt is the easiest fabric to use, but I had to throw in a jazzy black and white plaid. I  ran hot glue between the layers around the edges to reduce fraying. You could stitch the pads.

A little dollop of hot glue on the back each pad holds them in place.

Now, to make a cheap $5.00 wreath look more expensive, spend some time fluffing each and every wire branch and give it a small bend forward to give it more depth. It’s amazing how much better it looks after fussing with it.

Determine where you want each chair. This is kind of important because it does make a difference how the different colors look next to each other. Just fiddle around with it a bit to see what you like. Be sure to leave a gap at the top for your “bow”.

Once you’ve got them in the right order, simply shoot hot glue on the back  of each ornament one at a time and press them into place. It looks best if they’re kind of nestled in the greenery.

Now, it’s time to make a “bow”. Here’ s where I wasted way too much time. The ribbon bow looked way too traditional so I decided to work with wood circles. At first, I thought I’d make a George Nelson ball clock and use it at the top, but that just didn’t make sense. I spray painted all sorts of little wood pieces, but finally decided to go with a starburst inspired bow. Instead of doing spikes all around the center, I positioned them in the traditional bow shape. You can do anything you want to here.

Hot glue might of held the bow in place, but I decided to reinforce it with 2 part fast drying epoxy. It was kind of a mess. I would find a different strategy next time.

Here’s another thing I discovered. There aren’t that many sources for MCM miniature doll house furniture, and it’s fairly expensive. If you’re crafty, love detail, love MCM and modern furniture, and are looking for a crafty little side business, this is a practically wide open market.

Tomorrow: Anne Miller’s Quilter’s Wreath

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  2. carey says:

    too darn cute!

  3. Elissa says:

    This is so great! Being in the furniture business & a DIY-fiend, this is the best!