Sweet Upholstered Eye Candy

Here’s a short and sweet post for Friday morning. How about this dresser people?!  Honestly, it’s one of the rare patchwork pieces of furniture that wouldn’t drive me nuts. I saw it first on Pinterest, then followed it back to an etsy shop called  NameDesignStudio where it was long gone. I’m imagining that took some patient little man (or woman) hours to create.  I sure hope he/she made a little profit on it.

I haven’t been posting much here because I’ve been going crazy over on Upholster Club on Facebook. If you haven’t checked it out, just look over there to your right and click on UC, and there’ll you’ll be. I’ve been so comfy on Facebook, I haven’t paid much attention to Google Hangout, but I imagine that’s where I should be. Maybe if I ever understand it, I’ll start Upholstery Club II over there.  Who knows, maybe soon we’ll do a video meetup or something, maybe even a little tutorial just for members. I can’t think about that right now. It’s bitter cold outside, I have to get down to my shop and get the heat crankin’. I’ve got a full house coming in today to work on their own upholstered eye candy.

Before I go, here’s another little sample of what you’ll find on UC. It’s Reilly’s sequin backed side chair she started uphostering last night. I have to say, I doubted, but I like it!

And one more little upholstered valentine from DesignersGuild.com.

How’s that for satisfying your sweet tooth? (Can you say pallet ottoman?)

The common thread I’m seeing in my beloved world of upholstered furniture is ART! People are knocking themselves out by expressing themselves in this medium. It’s so much fun being an experienced upholsterer and watching everybody discover it. Kind of  makes me wonder if I should keep featuring everbody else, or show you what I got!!



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