Upholstery Class: Best Webbing and Spring Tying Video Ever

Bill, from Kim’s Upholstery has been video taping like crazy. Here’s the spring tying video that beats all!!! Whether you’re just DIY-ing it, or you’re a pro, this clears up all sorts of confusion on the spring tying issue. Enjoy.

Also, go visit Kim’s Upholstery on Facebook. You’ll be glad you did!

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3 Responses to Upholstery Class: Best Webbing and Spring Tying Video Ever

  1. Taraline Coughlin Teri says:

    Hi Miss Shelly,
    I sure do enjoy all your posts and how you have grown your business…

    I purchased a Tacsew Sewing machine with motor and stand right after I came to Indy for your classes. Than I broke my wrist and haven’t been able to do much upholstery…
    The machine is too much for me to handle and I would love to sell it.
    It is brand new and only used once.
    Would you know of anyone who would be interested in it…
    Thanks Teri

  2. shellyleer says:

    Maybe. I have people all the time looking for industrial machines. Send me a picture to my email address. Have you given up your upholstery career? 😉

  3. shellyleer says:

    I have a lady in one class who may be interested