My Sick Obsession with Deadwood


I’m posting all things upholstery over on my FB pages, so I thought I’d just share with you what I’m doing to get through these last days of cold, bone chilling weather. I’ve gotten completely hooked on the old HBO series, Deadwood. Most everyone watched it, like six years ago. I pride myself on being an early adopter, but when it comes to TV shows and series, I’m completely a late arriver.

“Anyways”, I’ve become head over heals obsessed with the gritty, grimy, dirty, filthy language, crude life of  the gang in the Deadwood camp. Come on!! I think I’m in love with the worst exploiter of women I’ve ever seen, Al Swearengen, played by short yet ruggedly handsome Ian McShane, who is much more handsome as an older guy, than in his younger acting days.


After Season 1, I was ready to quit.  It was disturbing me and my sleep. I arranged this sweet little set up to escape the winter doldrums.  After getting home from my classes  around 10:00 pm. I would excitedly jump in my pj’s and set up a perfect viewing height table next to my bed. (I say this in past tense, but in reality, I’m watching it a second time. It’s amazing how much I missed 0n my maiden voyage through the series.)  After a pep talk from an avid David Milch fan, I reluctantly and carefully revisited the dusty camp for Season 2. This time I decided to NOT watch it right before bed and to not watch more than one episode. Phewww! That worked out much better.

Look at these guys, who on earth would want to watch their obnoxious lives unfold? (Except for Sol Starr and the Doc, they’re disgusting!)


Want to hear one more pathetic secret? I spent about half a day researching the real town of Deadwood, the series, and interesting places to visit when vacay-ing out west. Are you kidding me??? I never worked this hard on a book report. Why so curious? Well, it’s my end of winter loonieness,  I’m chalking it up to a depletion of Vitamin D in these last, waning days of clouds and cold. It takes a weird form every year and this year I found solace in snuggling up in a dark bedroom with the disturbing images of handsome and not so handsome men blowing each other’s brains out, slutty women doing slutty stuff,  and the Orphan Squarehead escorting me off to sleep.  Needless to say, I’ve become a little bit desensitized since Season 1, Episode 1. My big regret is that I didn’t even know this existed when it was being made. I would have started a fan club or FB page or something. I WANT MORE!!

I wished we could have seen what ever happened to the fancy slut, Joni Stubbs. She was starting to see the light, then POOF, the plug was pulled.


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2 Responses to My Sick Obsession with Deadwood

  1. Amy says:

    I’ve never seen Deadwood, but I know the feeling you describe. I have gotten obsessed with shows, too. Alias, big time. And many others I am a little ashamed to admit… Watch Homeland! I’ll talk to you about it! Or The Americans! We just got into that. 🙂

  2. shellyleer says:

    No HBO. I need Homeland. Almost ready to leave Deadwood after the 2nd round.