How to Set Perfect Nailheads Every Time

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Upholsterers have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. Often, students of mine are shocked at some of the very simple tools and guides we come up with for getting things done easy and quick.  Remember, an upholsterer who does what he/she does for a living has to work fast. There is no way on earth to earn enough money to live on if they slowly deliberate each and every move with a slowed down artistic idealism, unless they charged an astronomical amount for each piece. Unfortunately, this is why upholstery has all but dissolved in this country as a profession. It is LABOR INTENSIVE!

Kim Buckminster, about as much of a Master Upholsterer that you can find in the US has developed all sorts of handy short cuts to make his work easier. Remember Kim? He did that unbelievable Turkish Tufted Chaise out of black leather.

Kim was generous enough to post photos of the most wonderful little trick to get decorative nailheads evenly spaced every time. All you need is a small section of cardboard tack strip and some clippers. Depending on the nailheads you’re using, you’ll need to determine the correct distance between notches. So easy, so simple, no fancy tool needed. Kim has more tricks, but we’ll have to wait until he’s ready to reveal some of the others.


Easy as Apple Pie.

Want to see more? Go visit with Kim ‘Buck’ on his FB page.


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One Response to How to Set Perfect Nailheads Every Time

  1. Helen bravo says:

    Great tip, I have struggled with this and even purchased the plastic tool to help, a tack strip makes so much sense.