Can You Repair Cat Scratched Leather Furniture?

People ask me all the time how to repair cat damaged leather. (I usually tell people to get rid of their cats, which never wins me very many fans.) Up until I watched this video, I didn’t really know it could be done. In my opinion, this looks more than DIY-able.

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2 Responses to Can You Repair Cat Scratched Leather Furniture?

  1. Sam says:

    Well, while I think THAT demo looked great. I am a newbie DIY’er when it comes to upholstery – but I would have to defer that type of repair to a professional. I have 2 questions though #1 What is the life expectancy for this application , this is NOT mentioned in the demo and while chair arm fronts don’t actually get “wear”, time might dry it / flake it maybe? #2 How big is that cat’s rear-end because it would sure be wearing my foot.

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