Traditional Upholstery 3 Day Workshop


Maybe you didn’t hear the news—Paul and I are teaching one of the only workshops in the US using traditional upholstery skills. We both loved our Wales experience beyond words. Paul’s a seasoned veteran at The Traditional Upholstery Workshop in Wales. I’m now a convert and I’m discovering that the there are many little diverse subcultures of upholsterers around the world. There are the traditional upholsterers; modern upholsterers; auto upholsterers, marine upholsterers; The NEW Upholsterers; Art Upholsterers; DIY Upholsterers and more. My problem is that I love them all, and I want to know it all. Since that’s not likely, I’m sticking to what I’ve been doing, as well as adding this new, very special, challenging, fabulous technique of traditional upholstery to my own toolbox.

If you fancy yourself an upholstery up-and-comer, you’ll want to add this little gem of a skill to your toolbox. However, BEWARE: This is not a workshop for lightweights. It’s down and dirty and about the most fun, relaxing, difficult, exhilarating challenge I’ve had in a long time. (Besides learning to drive a stick shift on the left side of the ‘dual carriageway’ changing gears with my left hand!!)

Here’s what Traditional Upholstery is NOT:
1. easy
2. quick
3. ultra modern
4. DIY-esque

Here’s what Traditional Upholstery IS:
1. a centuries old craft
2. a respected skill in the UK and Europe
3. an upholstery technique that makes lasting, beautiful furniture
4. a meditative, focused, labor intense craft
5. a non chemical, sustainable method of upholstering furniture with all natural materials

If you aren’t scared off by a challenge, you love upholstery and you’re hungry to learn more, more, more, you’ll love this. I found it downright smashing, luv!

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  1. carrieolshan says:

    ugh, i wish i could take this class!!!