Online Upholstery Course on Your Own Time


Well everybody, I did it. I’ figured out all of the tech angles to put together a comprehensive online Beginning Upholstery class. Not just a class, a real course.  You may ask how this can even work. Here’s how it’s being taught to 42 students in North America. I have a private blog where all of my information, videos, worksheets, links, resources are available to my students three days a week. All of the planning and worrying were worth it. Granted, it’s only the first week, so far, so good. With this morning’s link, I asked the class to send me photos of their home work stations, as well as the beginning of their first projects. As soon as I get a collection, I’ll post for your viewing. Who would have thought I’d ever learn how to edit video, let alone working on two laptops at once. Miracles happen!!!



If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to upholster, but can’t find a class or the time to attend class, this is the perfect solution. We’re also developing our Community through a private FB Group where students are asking questions, getting to know their classmates and will possibly have some city meetups. There’s a nice little group from Cincy, so I may invite them all up here for a real studio class that will be filmed for one of our last segments. I’m sure we’ll have challenges in the next six weeks, but for now, this is fabulous. I only wish I could have all of the Canadians and Californians and Pennsylvanians, etc. come and visit my studio.  Check out our curriculum for Upholstery Knockouts. The next class that’s in the planning stage will be  Bring Back My Wingback. Sounds intriguing, eh? Who doesn’t have an old ugly wingback chair they’d like to restyle?


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21 Responses to Online Upholstery Course on Your Own Time

  1. Debra says:

    PLEASE do this again so I can join!!! I wasn’t able to sign up for the current class, but would so love to take another class from you, and the online format is PERFECT!

    p.s. Don’t count me out for another boot camp this summer . . . if you’re still offering those.

  2. Benedict says:

    I love upholstery but its difficult to find classes

  3. Linda says:

    I live in Michigan and I can not find any upholstery classes. I would love to take your online course or the possibly the boot camp.

  4. crystal says:

    Please let me know when you offer the course again.

  5. shellyleer says:

    I will be posting my schedule of upholstery classes, online and live, in the next week.

  6. Benedict Moeketsi zondi says:

    How do I join this classes?

  7. shellyleer says:

    Our schedule isn’t ready yet. We’ll have it up by December 1st.

  8. Melinda Gaucher says:

    I live in Massachusetts (01702) . I haven’t had any luck finding a upholstery class. Please count me in for your next class. What do I need for supplies ? And, where do I purchase supplies.

    Thank you

  9. shellyleer says:

    Melinda, You’ll need to go to the Sales Page and register. Information will be sent very soon about supplies and materials.

  10. Kadija says:

    I live in Maryland and i looking for classes to upholster, please let me know when the next claaa start

  11. shellyleer says:

    I will be working on classes this week. Keep checking.

  12. Robin says:

    Will your classes be available to international lovers of upholstery? I live in Australia. 🙂

  13. Jill Mahoney says:

    I am from Louisiana and I have been looking for an upholstery class. Please let me know when you are starting another class on line. Thanks

  14. shellyleer says:

    Keep watching. I’m posting classes today and this weekend.

  15. shellyleer says:

    More online courses coming soon!

  16. Cindy Stone says:

    Am trying to find the online classes you mentioned would be available starting November 16th. Don’t see them anywhere? Have any updates? Thanks!

  17. shellyleer says:

    My online courses are already to launch, I just need to polish up the sales page to post them. Did you sign up for my newsletter to get info on the courses?

  18. Sue says:

    Hi, I live in Canada and would be really interested in signing up for you online class as there are no classes in my area.

    Do you have anything scheduled for this year?


  19. shellyleer says:

    Yes. Click here to see classes that are available as self guided, as well as upcoming online classes.