One Minute Upholstery Workshop: A Perfect Corner

During our class last night, Britta took an impromptu video of me showing her how to get the corner folded and stapled just right. It’s a little fuzzy, but you can see the technique.  Save this in your Upholstery file.

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3 Responses to One Minute Upholstery Workshop: A Perfect Corner

  1. Mary Glenn says:

    I am with you on Blogging your way, and I read your comment about upholstery. I am not doing home dec anymore but I would have loved to have tutorials like your mini one to learn from. I think there is a great need for a good blog on this subject.
    Enjoy the class.

  2. Perl says:

    Beautifully executed corner! I love this one-minute workshop!

  3. Peggy Fisher says:

    Boy, that made me feel like maybe I can do this…NOT!!! But it was very very interesting