Tolix Stools with a Twist of Lime


Happy mid-July!! I love this month. I think I was meant to live my life in July.

Enough about that, here’s a summer day project that is as easy as they come and adds a whole lot of band for the buck.

Do you have a hard time deciding whether or not you need to spend time on the outside during these months, or take the time to work on the inside, so that you can do the work, then play outside and avoid stepping over the mess? I’m at that point right now. With a list of projects, both inside and out, that I need to tackle, I tend to get paralyzed. Now I know that I’m usually sending you information about upholstery projects, and I’m not short on those, but there’s so much more than that.
Wednesday morning I stood in the kitchen and looked around to get some ideas about how I could do an update, without a full gut. (I’ve been brainwashed by the antics of Tarek and Christina on Flip or Flop. They make a redo seem so blasted easy.)  It all started with the idea to change my cabinet knobs. How EASY! I want to go from little round knobs to modern square handles. Hey!! Remember back about ten years ago when I took off the handle knobs, puttied up the holes and drilled holes for those little nub knobs? Well what do you know? I can just reverse that process. Then there’s the problem with puttying up the center hole, re-drilling the handle holes, sanding and painting. Oh Brother!! Now I’m thinking about cabinet fronts. Should we get new, or have these painted?

I’ve never stopped loving the lines of the cabinets. Sure, new ones would be nice, but these aren’t bad and they’re unique. OK, so we’ll keep the cabinets, but maybe send out the doors to be sanded and repainted, etc. Of course, my husband knows none of this. He lost interest in updates years ago. So, this is my plan: I’ll find new hardware, get the floors refinished and go spray paint some metal Tolix stools to use at the counter.  “She’s all over the place”, you say. Admittedly,  I need a quick fix to get me going. It’s helpful for me to knock out a quick project to get the ball rolling. The stools could give me the visual refreshment I need to get inspired, engaged and committed to this mini makeover. So, I did just that.

Nice design, but poor quality stools. Husband sat down and hit the deck not that long ago.



Pinterest has oodles of eye popping Tolix stools adorning some very sophisticated, modern kitchens. Well this will be easy. I have sixteen white Tolix stools at my shop. ( I could easily spare three.


Washed and dried the dusty stools.



Taped up little rubber glides.



Wiped Deglosser all over, but I don’t know whether it did anything other than clean the stools.



Voila’! My new key lime mod Tolix stools did the trick. I’m going handle hunting next week. Can you tell I decided to change colors? I went from Fern Green to Key Lime. I’ll test to see if I can find a spray gloss that goes on nice and smooth just to give the stool tops some extra durability.


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3 Responses to Tolix Stools with a Twist of Lime

  1. Martha says:

    Love the color and have wanted these stools for awhile, but nowhere to use them alas. If I ever get my basement upholstery workshop together I could use at least one down there!

  2. WLC says:

    Hi! Curious to know how the spray paint is holding up and if you used a primer at all. Is the process really just clean, degloss and spray paint? Thanks!!! Love the lime color.

  3. shellyleer says:

    So far, so good. I see that our puppy got his teeth into one rail that will have to be re-sprayed.