Online Upholstery Bootcamp Launches August 18th!

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CHAIR UP Online Upholstery Bootcamp is the virtual twin of our Beginning Chair Class, aka, Upholstery Bootcamp. Except for one HUGE difference–IT’S ONLINE!!

We’ve had so many requests for an online chair class, we just had to do it.

Can you imagine?  You can take this class at home, in your jimmie jams, hair messy, no makeup, and the house can be a wreck.  Or, you can get dressed up in your empowered upholsterer’s work clothes and play the part. No matter, we can’t see you.

Some of my good old traditional upholstery friends just don’t see how upholstery can be taught through an online course. I’m sorry to burst their bubbles, but these times, they are a changing. Online education is the future. Some online teaching platforms can be hard to figure out, but we’ve  mindfully developed a simple, clean, easy to navigate virtual studio where you can hang out, view your weekly video lessons, and download PDF worksheets and resources.  You also get to meet up with your fellow classmates for encouragement and feedback regarding lessons or anything else. Here’s what Jean had to say after our online Deep Buttoned Bench Course.

“I loved taking this course, and it exceeded my expectations. Shelly’s can-do attitude really made me feel confident in learning how to tuft, not to mention building a bench! …The videos were just the right length and were packed with information, without being too technical.  Also -I knew that if I got stuck Shelly was just an email or Facebook message away, and I found that helpful.”   Jean Dugan-Deep Buttoned Boudoir Bench

Here’s a little sample from one of the Boudoir Bench tufting lessons.  Enjoy!

CHAIR UP Online Upholstery Bootcamp launches August 18th at 8:00 am. Sign up here to get the latest scoop and more valuable information about CHAIR UP. Class begins September 15th.

And if you’re in the Indianapolis area, we’ve got a few of our new Fall classes up and ready for registration. Click here to see what we’ve got so far.


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One Response to Online Upholstery Bootcamp Launches August 18th!

  1. I am so happy to have found your website! It has been difficult for me to find upholstery classes in Atlanta: I’m sure they’re out there, but I haven’t been able to find much info online. Anyway, this looks like a good start for me and my desire to reupholster some of our chairs.

    Thanks for making it available. I look forward to working with you.