7 Unexpected DIY Grommet Projects You Will Love

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Way back when, I wrote this tutorial over on Curbly about setting grommets. A friend and I were working on a trade show booth and grommets were the logical hardware choice. Shortly after that, I moved into my studio that had previously been an awning factory that went belly up. You can imagine the grommet leftovers I found. It turns out that an awning factory uses all sizes and types of grommets in just about everything they do. I grabbed all the leftover grommet tools and rings I could get my grubby little hands on, not necessarily for actual use, but because they looked so industrial and they were sorted out in these cool little numbered antique wooden boxes.

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Along with the hardware, we inherited all of the heavy metal punches, as well. Even if I never use them, I couldn’t let them go.

So, other than predictable drapes, awnings and purses, here are some unexpected places you can stick grommets.

The featured photo was a project I did for a Curbly book called Hardware Store Chic. As you can see, we’ve used a dropcloth dyed gray, silver grommets and added a touch of equestrian chic to cinch the pleat together.

These hanging pockets can be used for anything. I just happened to photograph them with my fav magazines.


From: HuffingtonPost

Here’s a super easy solution to those ugly dish towels hanging over the front of the sink. A strip of fabric sewn along the top makes a handy spot for the grommet installation. The towel bar with hooks is attached to both sides of our kitchen island, one by the sink and other is over by the ovens with hot pads hanging.

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Clever upholsterer (and online buddy), Andrea Mihalik of Wild Chairy, created this giant grommet upholstery fabric. Well, actually, she did the upholstery. I don’t know who made the fabric. But it’s a great idea and could be adapted to all sorts of upholstery projects.


When you have that creative urge to create some magnificent prop for the kid’s play (other than throwing some blankets on top of chairs to play ‘Fort’), step it up and create an adorable teepee. A fresh drop cloth, grommets and some lashing will keep them busy for days, or at the very least, an afternoon. From FawnOverBaby.com. Easy Peasy Dog Days of Summer fun.


Look at this clever little book binding project. Use old covers, add blank paper for a journal, or how about using this idea to re-bind one of your favorite old books. I saw this over on Etsy.


Campers are no strangers to grommet use. To secure your oilcloth shelter, anchor the line through grommeta using found sticks or other pieces of wood. (I just love simple solutions!)


From RuggedThugLife.com on Pinterest

You’ll be getting in that DIY mood in a few weeks. Now go get a good, heavy duty grommet kit, you never know where you can stick these practical and fashionable connectors.




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