Wednesday Night Upholstery Club (Beginning Upholstery)

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So, we’re almost half way through February and it’s time for another Upholstery Class. Since I only teach one per week, per session, there are lots of folks who have wiggled their way onto my waiting list. I wish I could take more, but there’s only enough room for six at a time.

If you’ve not taken one of my previous classes,  you can sign up for the Beginning class and you’ll have to get your chair approved. We do have guidelines for what kind of chairs students can bring. If you’ve already become slightly proficient at upholstering, then you may want to move up a notch to work on a slightly (and I mean SLIGHTLY) more detailed chair. There just isn’t enough time, space, or teacher attention to successfully complete a fully upholstered chair. I will allow three students who’ve taken class with me to bring in slightly more fully upholstered chairs. That’s it. Otherwise, nobody will get the help they need in our limited time. So, click here to see the class description and to see if you want to get signed up right away.

Now that all of the rules have been explained, you will just LOVE the process of upholstery if your hands, arms and determination are strong and your ability to listen, learn and work hard are all aligned. Here we go! This will be what I consider my Early Spring 2016 Beginning Upholstery Class.
Click here to read more and to save your spot at the workbench.

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