Annual Dog Days of Summer Upholstery Bootcamp

No class has ever been as over-the-top popular as our annual August Dog Days of Summer 3 Day Upholstery Bootcamp. Students love it!  As the summer winds down, and knowing that the days are getting shorter and cooler, there’s a mad rush to buckle down and learn the right way to upholster pieces for yourself, family, friends, or to sell. That’s why our 3 Day Bootcamps have continually sold out. It’s three concentrated days of work, fun, learning, therapy, laughing, frustration, and triumph. What more could a person want right before hunkering down for all of that inside time?!

There’s a waiting list, but as of today, we have 5 spaces up for grabs. That means we have a bench ready for you with everything you need to get your skills up to speed.  You just bring a chair, foam and fabric, and we’ll take you on the upholstery ride of your life.


Save your space NOW.

If three days in a row is too intense, check out our other classes HERE.

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