Beginning Upholstery: 3 Day Bootcamp and Wednesday Night Upholstery Club

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Nobody likes to read blog posts or email newsletters that are constantly pushing products, right?! I agree.

So, let’s reframe the goal of this post. Pretend that I’m like your mom reminding you to register for those specific classes you said you wanted to take, but haven’t signed up yet, even though you know you might not get in.  I would sound something like this:

Honey, wake up! Did you have a chance to review the course catalogue and register for those classes you need to take?

(That’s all I’m doing—gentle reminder.)

You’re response, if you were my kid, might be–

 Oh s&#t! You’re right, I need to take care of that right NOW!

This is for all of you go-getters out there who don’t want to miss out on such great classes:

2 is the number of spaces left in next weekend’s 3 Day Upholstery Bootcamp (still time to sign up for this popular intensive)

3 is the number of spaces left for our OH SO POPULAR Wednesday Night Upholstery Club Beginners Class.

And that’s the end of my nagging motherly advice. (Don’t miss out! Do you hear me?!!!!)

But being the loving mother that I am, guess what? You get another chance, or two.

You can take the Bootcamp Class online, as well as the Deep Buttoned Boudoir Bench Class. What?!

ModHomeEc | Online Upholstery Classes

We’ve got you covered!  (pun intended)

You can read all about each class, and sign up right HERE.

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