Holiday Home: Beginning Upholstery

Wednesday Night Beginning Upholstery Class

The only reason I call this post Pre Holiday Beginning Upholstery is because of the number of people who desperately contact us right when the holidays start to get rolling. When you need things spruced up quickly, too much money is spent on inexpensive fixes instead of well thought out improvements.

Just think if you knew exactly how to redo your vintage dining room chairs so that they looked like a pro did them. Once your entertaining season begins, you could do one of three things. 1.) Act like you sent those old chairs out to be done, 2.) Proudly admit that you did them yourself, or 3.) Tell you guests that you’re available for small upholstery jobs.  This is not even to mention the money you’ll save by doing the work yourself. (Holiday dollars!!) This scenario is  really very doable when you have a teacher that walks you through the process very carefully and kindly. (That would be me.)  It’s not a dream. And what about learning how to do simple upholstery for your budding furniture flipping for resell business that you’ve been dreaming about starting? That’s not a dream either!

Don’t wait too long, our late fall class is filling fast. It begins on November 2 and runs 6 weeks, with one extra week for any one class you miss. Check it out here and as soon as you sign up, I’ll save your spot at the bench.


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