Pack Your Things We’re Getting Ready to Move to Home Room

We’re making the final touches to our new space, both literally and online.  As things transition, there will be some overlapping so you don’t miss anything.

While you’re here, want to know what’s been going on at ModHomeEc?

We’re broadening our base from strictly upholstery to include all kinds of new artisan craft workshops, parties, STEM focused workshops and more.  We figured that since so many people love our upholstery courses and workshops, why not invite other fabulous teachers and students into the studio to share the joy of making.  So, that’s what we’re doing.  Soon, we’ll be living over at It fits our growing mission, so we hope you’ll join in our refreshed community as much as we are already loving it.

A few weeks ago, we participated in a studio neighborhood Holiday Open House. It was out of this world! Even though I’ve been teaching people to transform furniture for over nine years in this location, there was a plethora of visitors in the studio who never knew we were there.  And it’s not like I sat in there all by myself all those years, my classes have consistently been full. Maybe it’s the rising popularity of our little area called SoBro. People are now paying attention. Anyway, we were so busy and thankful to get to explain what we’re all about. MAKING!

We had long time student, and now one of our sewing teachers, Amy Mehall Dismore in the shop overseeing her eight year old, Rory, creating the perfect pillow! Rory was as poised and polite as they come. She showed other kids how she knows her way around the sewing machine.  Between Amy and Rory, the sewing classes sell themselves. I am so proud to have both of them as part of our team.

Next up, Chelsea van der Meer brought her artistic talents in to show eager young artists how to create their very own block prints. That was a huge hit, as well.

New classes will be listed soon, but the Block Printing for Kids class is right there under Classes. 3 spots left.


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