This is really the last Bootcamp for 2016. We sold out for July so quickly, we opened up one more for August. The iconic Dog Days of Summer 3 Day Upholstery Bootcamp is now open for registration. Read More

When is it wise to spend the money on reupholstering a piece of furniture? Here are five tips to help you make a good decision. Read More

Here’s part 2 of Armand Verdier’s Deep Buttoned Iron Back Masterpiece. Read More

In the wide world of upholsterers, there is a very wide spectrum of skills and know-how, from the very basic DIY-er all the way up to the master of all Masterful Upholstery.  In my ongoing quest to seek and magnify … Read More

Nothing says Spring like lavender, and nothing says industrial chic like leather belt and bolt drawer handles. The options are endless when you start to notice all the fabulous belts people sell at thrift shops. Read More

The upholstered pallet ottoman is functional in so many different ways. And after this one day workshop, you’ll know exactly how to design and create them yourself. (Bonus: Power tools!) Talk about bang for your buck. This might be the most value packed class ever! Read More

Patchwork conjures up images of country curtains and quilts, but the NEW age of patchwork upholstery has people across the globe learning how to create their own upholstered art. I’m still here, but I’ve been spending a lot of time with my Upholstery Club. Read More

One thing I love more than anything else in this world is a gift given in a clever way. Brian, new WNU student, received this hand created gift certificate for Beginning Upholstery from his partner, Kevin, as a Christmas gift.  … Read More

Done right, a nice addition to a neutral room would be a jazzed up chair upholstered in a kilim rug. Take a look to see which one you like best. Read More

Present your MCM friends with this modern furniture wreath and you’ll be the hit of the party. Custom, personalized, meaningful, you’ve certainly outdone yourself with this gift. Read More

Who said you have to live with plain, old, unattractive legs?

You don’t. Not anymore!

Mod Legs are coming soon. Read More