Here’s a Before and After that has me headed for the paint store. Designer Christine Dovey transforms a blah piano room into a sparkling revamped glam piano space. Spectacular! Read More

When you can create your own, handmade, show stopping home furnishings and decor, you are empowered!! Not only that, you save oodles of money and end up with a huge feeling of satisfaction from the inception to the implementation of your own ideas. The sense of accomplishment is quite fulfilling! Read More

Struggling with getting a color blocked look in your space? Dressing the part is easy, pulling off the trend in interior design takes a little more consideration. Read More

Here’s proof that I really can purge and organize a room in my house. With the amount of ongoing projects I have, and their attendant materials, the mudroom might be the one room in our house that is calm and organized most of the time. See how I transformed it for my IndyStar column, DIY Journal. Read More

I’m going for a whole house makeover and these painted black window frames against white walls just might be an answer to my big design conundrum. Read More

Standard measurements for all things INTERIOR need to be kept somewhere safe. You never know when the impulse will strike and you simply have to know how much room you you have. (I love the combination of the orange book on the table with the linen sofa and zebra rug.) Read More

Lamps are like a great pair of earrings, if they’re right, they can take a room from nice enough, right on up to perfect. With Mottega, you get to choose each component, getting exactly what you want. Read More

My space (Ha!) is coming along very nicely. Mod Home Ec will have a nice big white studio in about a week. You’ll get to see the entire transformation from Big White Box to Unbelievably DIY Designed Oasis. We’ll be photographing, filming and/or documenting each and every delicious element. You can even ask questions about what we’re doing and you’ll get answers. Read More

Eddie Ross helped out a couple with their hollow master bedroom re-do. Each project turned out so well, this one goes on my list of all time favorites. It helps that I’m partial to red. Read More

If you’ve got the desire to make stuff from old hardware finds or you just go buy it all new, Make It! Hardware Store Chic is full of chic home furnishings you can make from hardware store materials. The perfect gift for the DIY lover in your life. Read More

Brizo is hard at work breaking down the door between fashion and home fixtures. Who said a kitchen faucet is for life? It could just be an accessory. Their fashion forward designs will want to make you change your faucet like you change your throw pillows. Read More