When you upholster something in a classic pattern, it can just last and last. I did this kids rocker over three years ago, and the Moroccan pattern is hotter now than it was then. Read More

This Bruges, Belgium upholsterer shows you how he transformed an old, worn out Eero Aarnio Ball Chair, and explains how he became the ‘King’s Upholsterer’. Read More

When I read about other bloggers being asked by companies to test products, come to an event, or do a video, I’m always a little jealous. Finally, I got to go do a video with Craftsman Brand in Chicago. You’ll get to see it in a few weeks, but here’s the story. Read More

Nobody loves upholstery inspiration more than I do. Urban Upholstery is definitely “crushing it” (see what I mean, overusage of a catch phrase). Read More

In my experience, almost anything can be turned into an ottoman. Using an old tire fits two bills; it’s a practical reuse for old tires, and it becomes the pleasing, round form for this natural rope ottoman. Read More

Let’s face it, you’ll probably get tired of a print lampshade before it wears out. It’s easy as pie to customize lampshades, and I’m not talking about those ugly calico prints and fringe laden shades from thirty years ago. You can remake any shade to look polished, sophisticated, and very custom! Read More

With the wonder of Google, aussie DIY-er Mandy found her way to ModHomeEc and got a little bit of help and inspiration in the DIY Upholstery arena. See how she pushed through and discovered she’s got what it takes. Read More

Custom painting your ceiling fan(s) can add just the right pizazz to a room if you opt for a bright color, or can neutralize what I think are fairly offensive, ugly fan designs available for the DIY-er. Read More

Here’s proof that I really can purge and organize a room in my house. With the amount of ongoing projects I have, and their attendant materials, the mudroom might be the one room in our house that is calm and organized most of the time. See how I transformed it for my IndyStar column, DIY Journal. Read More

Ahhhhh! Good old Summertime! New classes and workshops schedule is posted and ready. Click on Classes tab to see what suits your fancy. Read More

Flexibility and easy going-ness are not in the Miller gene pool. (My maiden name.) Recently, I’ve discovered a few ways to to de-intensify this unflattering and unhelpful natural tendency. Read More