My life has been a life of making things. Making things with my own two hands for my home has brought me back from the sadness and grief of many tragic and traumatic life events. Research and a deepened understanding of the benefits of creating useful items with one’s own two hands has led me to an adjustment in this business that is more fully aligned with my goals. I offer this gift to my students and new customers to the HOMEROOM shop. Read More

Every space needs a little sprucing up around seven years and that includes studio, office, or shop spaces. It was time for ModHomeEc to get a mini makeover and slowly, but surely, she’s looking streamlined and efficient. Read More

Patchwork conjures up images of country curtains and quilts, but the NEW age of patchwork upholstery has people across the globe learning how to create their own upholstered art. I’m still here, but I’ve been spending a lot of time with my Upholstery Club. Read More

The Brick House posts about my rope walls. Morgan is so talented, she needs her own HGTV show. Read More

If you’re like me, visual distractions draw you in and before you know it, you’ve lost your focus. In a studio full of materials, paints, tools, fabric and so on, background calm is imperative. Here is a cheap, simple way to corral the clutter so you can get back to work. Read More

It’s Home Office Month at Curbly and everyone gets to show their very own work space. I just moved my work from home to studio, but they didn’t kick me out of their feature. I love you Curbly!! Read More

No matter what shape your sofa’s in, the foam cushions will eventually need to be replaced. Here’s how to DIY it to save yourself money. Read More

Wood, stain, texture, warmth. Overlapping stained scrap wood shims will make a perfect wall treatment in the studio. Watch for updates. Read More

Gray comes in all shapes and sizes so make sure you know what you’re getting before you paint an entire studio floor the wrong shade of gray. Oil paint, no less. Read More

My big white box needs some sort of dividers for work areas. Organic rope walls could be perfect, textural, see-through and DIY-able. Finding the best deal on rope is the challenge. by the way, a friend sent me this photo, if you know the source, please let me in on it. Read More

My space (Ha!) is coming along very nicely. Mod Home Ec will have a nice big white studio in about a week. You’ll get to see the entire transformation from Big White Box to Unbelievably DIY Designed Oasis. We’ll be photographing, filming and/or documenting each and every delicious element. You can even ask questions about what we’re doing and you’ll get answers. Read More