A Le Corbusier inspired pallet ottoman was created to show off my new BeA long nose staple gun that just arrived from Nail Gun Depot. Read More

There’s a secret ingredient to making these trendy, chunky, jumbo tassels. I let the cat right out of the bag. Read More

Who doesn’t love a cozy, upholstered coffee table ottoman? Learn how to create your very own custom, one of a kind upholstered pallet ottoman on HOUZZ.com, or sign up to take the one day Pallet Ottoman Workshop at the ModHomeEc studio. Read More

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Wondering how I could gather together a group of people from around the globe who share my passion for old furniture and new fabric, I decided to start a FB page called Upholstery Club. My upholstery soulmates are coming from far and wide to meet each other. You can join too. Read More

Here’s a DIY design project worthy of a magazine. It’s not often that I go to the trouble make more furniture for my house, but come on!!! I might try to find a dark brown or black Mongolian Lambs Wool pillows to create this look at the foot my bed just to jazz things up. Read More