Have you heard about Upholstery Club? I’m not surprised if you haven’t because this is its’ grand debut,  right here, right now! See, I’ve been making friends with upholstery professionals and amateurs around the globe and I think it’s time … Read More

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There’s no turning back now. Video is the way to go. I’ve been putting it off because I’m not perfectly comfortable with all the filming, editing and sharing. It’s time for me to stop treading water and swim strong. Please be gentle with me. This one will show you how to make beautiful covered buttons like a pro. Tomorrow, I ‘ll show you what to do with them. Read More

I finally figured out how to succesfully load up my button tufting video, so take a look. This is the most basic kind of button tufting, no folds or diamonds involved. This video will show you how to load up your fabric covered buttons and get them into your chair back. Read More

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