Marimekko’s bold designs are always a good choice if you need a strong dash of color and pattern.

Modern Fabrics

Modern Fabrics is your online resource for high quality textiles and fabric design. They have a comprehensive collection of reclaimed interior textiles, featuring innovative materials, iconic modernist designs, and timeless textures. They focus our selections around designer textile companies including Maharam, Pollack, Sina Pearson, Knoll Textiles, Momentum, Brentano, Luna Textiles, Designtex, HBF Textiles, Jhane Barnes, Arc|Com, Kravet, and many more.

Ask for James, he’ll do you right.

Textile Arts

This great online boutique sells a nice selection of Marimekko, Ljungbergs, and Mod Green Pod fabric.

Upholstery Supplies

Upholsterer’s Dacron Batting

This is just something you have to try to appreciate. You can try the quilt batting from a fabric store, but once you see the difference with bona fide professional dacron batting, you’ll never go back. You can Google this, but Amazon, ebay and of course, Sunshine carry this. Actually, it’s fairly accessible.

Upholstery Tools

Chair Caning & Supplies

I’ve never ordered anything from this company in Irving, Texas, but it looks like it has all sorts of upholstery goodies, including caning supplies. Prices seem a little high, but be sure to compare. Remember: Osborne Tools are the best!

Maxi Staple/Wire Cutter

Another go to tool for tear down and pull outs is a pair of comfy, cushion handled pliers. The “Maxi” Staple/Wire Cutter with an ergonomically shaped handle is our tool of choice around here. Again, Sunshine Foam is the only place I’ve found these.  You can also use a pair of  larger handled crescent pliers that you can purchase at any hardware store. Make sure they feel good in your hand, you’ll be using them a lot!  By the way, they’re not included in the Sunshine online catalog, you’ll need to call to order.

Nailgun Depot

I love Nailgun Depot. They have just about everything you need in terms of upholstery staplers, and of course, every other kind of stapler you could want or need.

This is everyone’s favorite electric staple gun I use in all my classes. The only problem is that it doesn’t have a safety on the trigger. You should probably have a little experience with stapling before you try this one.

After you get really good, you’ll want a long nose stapler. This one from BeA, a German company, is like driving a Cadillac. However, you’ll need an air compressor with this one.

Osborne Staple Lifter

I couldn’t do without my yellow handled staple lifter. You can find these around the internet, but be sure to spend the money on an Osborne. You’ll never regret it.

Stanley Foam Company

Stanley Foam has all the usual upholstery supplies, and they’re located in New Jersey. I’ve never had a copy of their catalogue, but if you want to check them out, ask for Leanna.

Sunshine Foam Company

Sunshine Foam Company in Cincinnati, Ohio has been my supplier for nearly twenty years. They’re a wholesale supplier, but they will sell retail. Tell them Shelly sent you.They have almost everything you could ever need for your DIY and professional upholstery projects.