Digital Apprentice: Intro to Sewing & Upholstery

Would you just look at my snazzy book cover?! Designed by the ultra talented and funny Carrie Keplinger, here it is! I have to say, I’m so excited and nervous to put my first ebook out there in the world. Yikes, scary. Makes me feel extremely vulnerable. But the brave me will tell you this:

If you’ve ever taken any of my classes, you know my teaching style is very straight forward, casual, and, hopefully, very easy to understand. Personally, I always struggled with people giving me verbal instructions without being able to experience something visually. This makes me try extra hard in my classes and tutorials to explain techniques, tips and tricks of the trade in simple, easy and practical ways.

Far and above the technical lessons, I’ll take the fear and anxiety out of the idea of sewing and upholstering. The information and projects in Intro to Sewing & Upholstery is presented to the beginner. It will reassure you that there’s nothing to dread. I make this fun for you. If it wasn’t fun to create furniture and accessories for my house, I would not be doing it. It’s a welcome break from your otherwise hectic life. You can relax, get in your creative groove and relax. Nobody’s looking over your shoulder to criticize your work. If you get frustrated, put it down, try again later. Learning new skills is very, very good for you and your brain. By the time you’ve mastered these projects, I’ll have another book for you. And remember, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself (or pay a bloody fortune). You CAN BE your own designer.

I know it’s not really proper blog etiquette and I’m not that tech savvy about how to sell things here, but I’m just going to do it this once. To buy this little gem, click below. Oh, by the way, it’s only $12.95! That’s less than $15.00 to give you the oooomph to jumpstart your creative life.

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