Holiday Home: Beginning Upholstery

Don’t wait too long to get into our Wednesday Night Upholstery Class. It’s time to get those grungy dining room chairs redone. Don’t wait another month. Read More

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How to Retrofit an Ottoman for New Legs

Don’t know what to do with your split or broken off furniture leg? Here’s a tidy little video that I did for Craftsman and Instructables back in October where I demonstrated my furniture leg prowess. Repair or replace, this retrofit video how-to shows you exactly how to get your corners ready for shapely, new legs. Read More

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A Re-Roundup of DIY-able Headboards from Curbly

An old post I wrote for Curbly of DIY-able headboards is time proof. Fabrics, colors, patterns can change, but the headboard ideas will are basic and can be used forever. Read More

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Digital Apprentice: Intro to Sewing & Upholstery

Isn’t that series name so cool, Digital Apprentice? The title says it all, but Digital Apprentice tells you what’s in the works. If you’ve never sat down in front of a sewing machine, or even picked up a staple gun, it’s OK. Shhh, shhhh, calm down. I’m here and I’ll walk you through it from the very beginning. Read More

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Ugly Vinyl Rolling Desk Chair Makeover

It’s not always about reupholstering over here. When someone outsmarts the labor intensive prospect of reupholstery, I have to hand it to them. Read More

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Filling Up Your Creative Tank

Everyone who creates needs to fill up their tank every now and then. What do you do to replenish your creativity supply? Read More

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6 DIY Projects Made Using Goodwill Sourced Materials

When I hear that people can’t find good stuff at Goodwill, I just can’t believe it. Goodwill never fails me, I can always find materials to use for one of my many project ideas. Read More

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So You Want to Learn Diamond Tufting?

Many are called, few are chosen. Wait, what I meant to say is that few are patient enough to take their time and learn the skill of diamond tufting from the very bottom, up. Heed my word, IT CANNOT BE MASTERED IN ONE DAY. Some skills take many years of practice. Start small, work up and be prepared to learn a skill, not a one hour task. I’ll help you, young grasshoppers. Read More

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Make a $15.00 Oval Mirror Frame

My IndyStar whole house makeover doesn’t let me stop. This week I rigged up flat wooden rings to make this geometric circle frame to dress up a Goodwill mirror. Read More

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Make a Modern Upholstered Bench Out of a Goodwill Dud

Let me show you how to convert any old, dinged up coffee table into a Mid Century Modern inspired upholstered bench-table combo. If MCM isn’t your look, it’s easy to apply the same techniques to a traditional coffee table, a stylish fabric and coordinating paint. Read More

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Redesigned Sewing Table

How many sewing tables to you think I’ve made over in the last ten years? The answer is about twenty-five. Of all the tables I’ve waved my wand over, this is by far my all time favorite! The extra bonus is that I learned how to cut mirror and glass in the process. Read More

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