Holiday Home: Beginning Upholstery

Don’t wait too long to get into our Wednesday Night Upholstery Class. It’s time to get those grungy dining room chairs redone. Don’t wait another month. Read More

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Le Corbusier Inspired Upholstered Pallet Ottoman

A Le Corbusier inspired pallet ottoman was created to show off my new BeA long nose staple gun that just arrived from Nail Gun Depot. Read More

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Upholstery Club: Eclectic Chair’s Heather Linnitt from Leeds, England

Today, Upholstery Club interviews Heather Linnitt, founder and owner of Eclectic Chair, Leeds, England. Heather has developed a unique upholstery aesthetic that has fans clamoring for her designs. Her custom work isn’t too shabby either. Take a look!! Read More

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How to ReStyle a Goodwill Clock

While in the middle of a manic clock buying spree at every Goodwill store within 25 miles of my home, I whipped up this retro inspired hoop and spike clock made out of shims and floral rings with a $2.99 clock off the appliance shelf at my local Goodwill store. Read More

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A Taste of DIY Upholstery Bootcamp

Here’s an itty bitty taste of what goes on during Bootcamp! Read More

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New Fall Upholstery Classes

Tired of looking at that Goodwill chair over in the corner. Get yourself to upholstery class and learn how to transform it into a showpiece you’ll want to show your mother in law! Read More

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Make Over a $ 25.00 ReStore Ceiling Fan

Custom painting your ceiling fan(s) can add just the right pizazz to a room if you opt for a bright color, or can neutralize what I think are fairly offensive, ugly fan designs available for the DIY-er. Read More

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Real Women Can Upholster

Real women can do just about anything. Last weekend, five fabulous women traveled to Indianapolis to do a 3 Day Upholstery Bootcamp. Here, they tore down and built back up. Restored, Restyled, Repurposed. Bravo ladies!! Read More

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Repurposed Cheese Board Becomes a Modern Address Plaque

If you DIY, you know there’s a fine line between success and disaster. This modern address plaque was made from an old, discarded, oval cheese board, but not before it almost tanked. See how it was rescued and put back on the right track. Read More

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Repurposed Kitchen Table Becomes a Rolling Work Table

Work tables are typically pricey and cheaply made. A perfect solution for was to convert a discarded kitchen table into a height adjusted, rolling work table. It’s the perfect size for a four person sewing station and when class is over, we just roll it over to the wall where it nests underneath a high work table. It couldn’t have worked out any better. Read More

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Goodwill Hunting is Good for the Soul

Goodwill Hunting has been my sport for as long as I can remember (or at least the last ten to fifteen years). Besides helping a worthy cause, it’s downright good for the soul. Read More

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