Annual Dog Days of Summer Upholstery Bootcamp

This is really the last Bootcamp for 2016. We sold out for July so quickly, we opened up one more for August. The iconic Dog Days of Summer 3 Day Upholstery Bootcamp is now open for registration. Read More

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10 Dumpy Chairs Perfect for a Beginning Upholstery Class

Not all chairs are suited for a Beginning Upholstery Class. Here are 10 Dumpy Chairs that will set you up for success while learning the centuries old craft of upholstery. Read More

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Upholstering in Wales!!!

When you see the ‘Gone Fishin’ sign up on my shop in July, you’ll know I’m really in Wales digging deeper into my craft. This is the business trip I’ve been waiting for. Read More

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Fresh New Upholstery Classes 2013

One thing I love more than anything else in this world is a gift given in a clever way. Brian, new WNU student, received this hand created gift certificate for Beginning Upholstery from his partner, Kevin, as a Christmas gift.  … Read More

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Casey’s Snuggly Duck Chair Makeover

Here’s what Bootcamp alums are up to in their spare time. See the results of Casey’s rehab on this tattered mess. Read More

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Twins Spotted in Alabama Wearing Mod Home Ec T-Shirts

Double the advertising, double the fun! Read More

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ModHomeEc Upholstery Bootcamp Graduates

The Out of Towners Only Upholstery Bootcamp was a huge success and one fun weekend of upholstering goodness. Read More

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