Holiday Home: Beginning Upholstery

Don’t wait too long to get into our Wednesday Night Upholstery Class. It’s time to get those grungy dining room chairs redone. Don’t wait another month. Read More

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10 Dumpy Chairs Perfect for a Beginning Upholstery Class

Not all chairs are suited for a Beginning Upholstery Class. Here are 10 Dumpy Chairs that will set you up for success while learning the centuries old craft of upholstery. Read More

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The New Upholsterers: Chrisie Cordrey

Meet one of The New Upholsterers, Chrisie Cordrey of Hudson, New York. Read More

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New Upholstery Classes at ModHomeEc

Two new upholstery classes have just been posted. Don’t let the summer get by without learning a new skill, adding to your growing skills, and enjoying a creative respite. Read More

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One Minute Upholstery Workshop: A Perfect Corner

Getting the corners right is difficult, but watch and see how to cut and secure to get clean, tight folds. Read More

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Upholster a Rocking Moroccan Kids’ Rocker

When you upholster something in a classic pattern, it can just last and last. I did this kids rocker over three years ago, and the Moroccan pattern is hotter now than it was then. Read More

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Wild and Wooly Upholstery Bootcamp #3

Bootcamp #3 brought six out of towners together for eighteen plus hours of tearing down, building up, padding out, sewing and stapling fun. Read More

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Upholstery Copycat: The Godfrey Chair

Here is a step by step list of what you need in order to copycat the Jonathon Adler Godfrey Chair. As for the upholstery process, let me lend a hand. Read More

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